How to Support Hillary Clinton

After the first debate, it is clearer than ever that He Who Must Not Be Named (but I’ll refer to him as Drumpf) is not eligible to step anywhere near the Oval Office and that there is only one feasible candidate for president.

Check out all the ways you can help get Hillary to the White House:


Get Out the Vote Calls:

“Folks can make calls from anywhere with just a computer and phone.” Supporting the Hillary campaign by calling potential voters allows people to learn about what Hillary has to offer and can convince people who had not been planning to vote to vote for Hillary. In the 2012 election, voter turnout was about 54%. Democrats do better when voter turnout is higher. So pick up your phone, open your laptop, and start making calls!

Tweet for Hillary:

Low stakes, big impact. Take to your phone to see how you can help Hillary through our very favorite social media app. Sign up here!

Download the Hillary 2016 App:

You can be in your very own digital HQ from the comfort of your own bedroom! The app allows you to learn the latest updates from the campaign trail, learn about friends, participate in challenges, and donate, all from your phone! “With Hillary 2016, you can: compete daily challenges to help elect Hillary Clinton, get rewards (digital and real-life ones!), design your own campaign HQ, test you knowledge and become an expert on the issues, compete against your friends and other supporters, share news and information (and even do some good old-fashioned organizing), and, as they say, a whole lot more.” Download the app here!

And throughout all of your campaigning, don’t forget to post positive articles about Hillary and include the hashtages #ImWithHer #LoveTrumpsHate

Higher Commitment Actions:

Go Door to Door:

Help with knocking doors. This is often times what people dread the most, but volunteers are the best doing these sorts of things because they’re actually people you know! Talk to your organizer and see if you can knock doors on your particular neighborhood/precinct. At least do this during national Weekends of Action, if not on the regular!

Host a Grassroots Fundraising Event:

Campaigns are expensive and we all know how much money Donald Trump has to put into this campaign. By hosting a grassroots fundraising event, you are able to build a pro- Hillary community, earn money for the campaign, and have lots of fun! Sign up to host an event here.

Attend an event or host your own!

Want to meet other awesome people committed to getting Hillary elected? Check out this website to find events near you, or sign up to host your own!  Events include canvassing, tabling, food, phone bank, and convention and debate watch parties! It’s the perfect way to make friends and advocate for your favorite 2016 Presidential candidate!

Voter Registration:

Help with voter registration at your church, schools, community centers, hair dressers, and other places like that. The campaign wants to make sure everyone that can vote is registered to vote. Having someone who lives in a community use their leverage to get voters registered is a massive help to organizers who are new to the area.

Support Hillary Organizers:

Host a Hillary Organizer:

Organizers don’t make very much money and they work long hours. Having free board in someone’s home who lives in their turf saves on rent and lets organizers do what they do best- focus on getting the first women president elected!

Bring a Homecooked Meal to a Local Organizing Office:

Organizers have a lot of meals on the road and eat out often. Having a healthy cooked meal (with fruits and veggies!) is great on their stomachs and on their spirits!

Even if you can’t bring a full meal, bring some fruit and veggies with you next time you stop by a local organizing office!


Hillary Swag:

From t-shirts to bags to “Chillary Clinton Can Holders,” the Hillary Clinton store has everything you could ever want. T-shirts range from $30-45, buttons and stickers are only $5, and you can donate just $1 right now and get a Clinton Kaine sticker! Show the world that you support Hillary, get your swag today!

Also, if you get emails or texts from the Hillary campaign, or have visited their website for even five seconds, you know that they want you to donate. It doesn’t need to be big, but literally every cent will make a difference.

Disclaimer: This post is not specifically about genocide prevention. However, Donald Trump has been spewing genocidal ideology (check out this New York Times blog post for one of many examples) so I think campaigning for Hillary in many ways is contributing significantly to the genocide prevention movement.


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